Introduction to the Development Lifecycle .

Developing in a Production Organization

Developing with Sandbox

Sandbox Orgs

About Migrating Changes between Organizations

Quick Start: Using a Sandbox and Change Sets

Create a Developer Sandbox

Authorize a Deployment Connection

Create and Upload an Outbound Change Set

Validate an Inbound Change Set

Deploy an Inbound Change Set

Development Environments

Isolating Development and Testing

Developing Multiple Projects with Integration, Testing, and Staging

Development Environments

Sandbox Uses

Sandbox Considerations and Limitations

Creating a Development Sandbox

Updating Environmental Dependencies

Creating User Templates

Managing Sandboxes

Development Tools App Builder Tools IDE

About Metadata API Migration Tool

Data Loader

Tracking and Synchronizing Development Changes

Establishing a Change Process for Production

Tracking Changes Manually

Tracking Changes Using the Migration Tool

Tracking Changes Using the IDE

Synchronizing Changes

Synchronizing Multiple Sandboxes

Integrating Changes Across Development Environments

Release Management

Developing Enterprise Applications

Scheduling Concurrent Development Projects

Delivering Applications on a Release Train\

How Salesforce Upgrades May Affect Delivery Schedules

 Migrating Changes Between Environments

Migrating Changes Manually

How Metadata Files are Migrated

What Affects Deployment Time?

Monitoring the Status of Your Deployments

Testing Best Practices for Deployments

Deployment Dependencies

Migrating Files in Batches

Determining Which Files to Deploy Together

Deploying Batches of Files Using the IDE

How to Migrate Batches of Files Using the Migration Tool

Deleting and Renaming Components

Using the AppExchange to Migrate Changes

Deploying to Production

Scheduling the Release

Using Profiles to Control Maintenance Updates

Fixing Bugs

Advanced Development Lifecycle Scenario

Source Control System and Deployment Tools

Development Lifecycle and Sandbox Environments

Patch Releases

Development Lifecycle Scenario: AW Computing

Continuous Integration Process

Handling Metadata That’s Not Supported in the API

Configuring the Migration Tool

Production Release Considerations

Refreshing a Sandbox Environment

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