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Salesforce for Real Estate

We bet you’ve heard about Salesforce at least once in your life! And most probably you’ve heard about various solutions offered for sales and service industries, but have you heard about the solutions for real estate? Probably not, so sit back and enjoy your journey into the Salesforce world for real estate industry. Are you ready? Here we go!

Incessant calls from clients that are changing their decisions several times during the day, unscheduled meetings, and the avalanche of paperwork can drive crazy anyone. Sounds familiar?
Salesforce CRM enriched by real Estate apps from the AppExchange gives you an opportunity to

Real estate professionals who are looking for a way to be more efficient. Recently noticed some trends among brokers, agents, and executives looking to boost their business. Below are the five most common reasons real estate businesses are moving their contact and transaction management to the cloud:

1. Access to information—from anywhere

Very few real estate professionals sit behind their desk all day—and even if they do, in this day and age, they need access to key business data wherever they are. When your data is stored in a cloud-based CRM you are able to quickly grab the data from anywhere and work efficiently to close that next deal.

2. Tracking

In real estate, as in many industries, there are a million things happening at once. If you don’t log a reminder or set a future task, that potential deal might never see the light of day. Having a good CRM system can mean the difference between letting a lead slip through the cracks and turning it into an opportunity.

3. Accountability and transparency

Being able to access the company’s data and see where deals stand enable management and employees alike to offer coaching and gain visibility into whether each deal is being given the attention it demands.

4. Pipeline forecasting

Having a system in place allows an agent to update a deal pipeline so the management team can gain crucial access to valuable data into quarterly forecasting and the potential deals that will move the revenue needle.

5. Reach

By organizing contacts and leads, you can initiate a marketing plan to effortlessly stay in touch with current clients. With a cloud-based CRM system that incorporates marketing tools and automation, you can stay top of mind among new potential clients with important and relevant content.

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